VAT is a system of indirect taxation, which has been introduced in lieu of sales tax. It is the tax paid by the producers, manufacturers, retailers or any other dealer who add value to the goods and that is ultimately passed on to the consumer. VAT has been introduced in India to ensure a fair and uniform system of taxation. It is an efficient, transparent, revenue-neutral, globally acceptable and easy to administer taxation system. It benefits the common man (consumer), businessman and the Government. 

VAT enhances competitiveness by removing the cascading effect of taxes on goods and makes the levy of tax simple and self-regulatory, ensuring flexibility to generate large revenues.

The cascading effect is brought about by the existing structure of taxation where inputs are taxed before a commodity is produced and the output is taxed after it is produced. This causes an unfair double-taxation. However, in VAT, a set-off is given for input tax (tax paid on purchases). This results in the overall tax burden being rationalized and a fall in prices of goods.

VAT makes the tax structure simple, hassle-free and export-oriented. The integration of VAT with Tally will help you in the smooth functioning of your business and eliminate the complications that might otherwise arise in VAT.